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(i) Educational, Social and Economical Development


To set up, run and manage nursery schools, primary schools, secondary and higher secondary schools to be affiliated under Govt. To promote Higher Education by establish Degree College/Institution


To sponsor poor and needy child for their educational, nutritional and health sectors from the rural and urban areas.


Establishment of Rehabilitation Centre to ensure protection & development for the drug addict, alcoholic and shelter for destitute and street   children’s.


Establishment of  Hostels,  Hospital, Housing, School Buildings, Colleges, Crèche, Orphanage and old age home for welfare of the organization


Establishment of vocational training institutes to support functional community-based organizations such as unemployed youth, farmers, traders, Self-Help Groups and cooperatives for agro-based industries and small scale industries with the promotion of credit mobilization and micro finance among the Self Help Group and individuals.


To implement rural and urban livelihood projects and create enabling conditions for the poor especially women to economically and socially empower them through appropriate livelihood options.


To establish financial sustainable development through animal husbandry in the rural and urban areas & bring development with modern technology in agricultures plantation sector.

(ii) Cultural Development


Promotion of Communal Harmony Programs


Aesthetic Development among the youth


Encouraging sports and games, music and dance & cultural activities.

(iii) Other activities


Organizing various kinds of seminar/workshop/conferences/medical camps and training programs.


Taking part in disaster management/environment awareness programs.


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