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It gives me a great pleasure to serve the down-trodden poor and needy society with special focus for uplifting their living condition. There are lots to think and lots are needed to be done by the contribution of the civil societies with the help of the funding agencies to our country.
The commitment and dedication of the COM Staffs, volunteers and the community has achieves this through rights based interventions in education, vocational and life skills programmes, self help groups, ensuring that each child's individual value is paramount

The work of COM has continued to grow during the past six years reaching out to more children in need. COM continues to be committed to working in and developing the areas where we can make difference. The modern world invests a lot in children; they are a subject of much political debate, educational developments, employment opportunities and markets. Despite this, nearly half of India's youths are unable to take advantage of such opportunities; 25% of our nations youths engage in high risk activities such as consuming alcohol, tobacco and drugs, drug abuse, delinquency, poor school performance and soon another 25% are at 'moderate risk'; Almost 1/3 of India's youth fail to graduate from high school. A quality education is essential for developing the skills necessary for facing the realities of life, this may mean learning 'life skills'; Life Skills include communication and interpersonal skills, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotions and stress which are all essential during a child's formative years.

I personally would like to express my gratitude to the community we serve, as well as to individuals, other network organizations and well wishers donors. As I write this message, there is much change and promise of progress and development around us.

There are fresh faces heading our government and we expect rapid growth in all areas, as the development sector continues to do its best for bringing about social change in India. Joining Hands encourages volunteers to contribute their time, skills and energies to enhance the work being carried out at the grass root level. It is in the hands of all the people in this world to make a better place for children and adults living in difficult circumstances. We invite volunteers, various school, colleges, communities, corporate government and international NGOs within which they work, and encourage them to contribute to the development sector. Together we are ensuring that positive change is possible by giving COM  to the most underprivileged and neglected in our society.


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